"Game of Thrones" Author's TV Writing Break Came After the Failure of His Fourth Book

Game of Thrones Author George RR Martin_peoplewhowriteGeorge R.R. Martin told the Wall Street Journal‘s Christopher John Farley, “The greatest setback I ever faced was the failure of my fourth novel The Armageddon Rag.”

“I was a hot young writer,” explains. “Each novel that I wrote got a bigger advance…and until I wrote  The Armageddon Rag that seemed par for the course. I got the biggest advance I’d gotten to date. It got great reviews. It was nominated for the World Fantasy Award. My publishers were certain it would be my first bestseller. And nobody bought it.”

The Game of Thrones creator says the book’s poor sales made it impossible to sell his fifth book, and forced him to consider selling his house, but, “Oddly enough, the very book that ended my career as a novelist opened my career in Hollywood.”

Watch the video to hear how it went down.

Amazon is Having An Amazing Week

Amazon.com logoEarlier this week, Amazon’s patent application to enhance e-books was approved while Apple conceded that Amazon could use the term “app store” to identify the virtual location where they sell their products. And today, it was announced that Amazon has signed Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin as well as self-publishing phenom Hugh Howey as authors for a new graphic novel/comic book imprint called Jet City Comics. Also today, a judge ruled Apple conspired with publishers to try to force Amazon to price books at an advantage to publishers.

By contrast, Barnes and Noble CEO William Lynch has resigned amidst poor earnings even as rumors swirl that the company is interested in splitting its 675 stores from its Nook division and selling both off. With Amazon’s mounting wins, it seems publishers and bookstores will have to figure out how to work with the online giant once and for all.