Lydia Polgreen is the new Huffington Post Editor-in-Chief


Lydia Polgreen

Lydia Polgreen, a former New York Times associate masthead editor and editorial director of NYT Global, is succeeding founding editor Arianna Huffington at the Huffington Post. In an interview she gave the news and opinion site, Polgreen indicated how she plans to steer the content focus in the wake of the media echo chamber the 2016 election exposed and exacerbated. She said HuffPo has the “potential and the possibility of really meeting this populist moment that we’re living in and meeting people where they actually are.”

Polgreen added, “just as there were moments when the Washington Post or The New York Times or the Times of London during World War II had a huge mission, we, too, have a huge mission. And that is to listen, to report, to tell stories, to seek out the stories and voices that aren’t being heard, even ones that might feel uncomfortable to us.”
lydia-polgreen-is-the-new-huffington-post-editor-in-chief In a 2014 report commissioned by A.G. Sulzberger, son of Polgreen’s former employer New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger, the Times’ Newsroom Innovation Team acknowledged that HuffPo “in just a few years has eclipsed The Times in total readership.” The report cited advice from “a former leader of The Huffington Post… [who] told us that if we want to improve our reach, we must think differently about what it means to publish a story: ‘At The New York Times, far too often for writers and editors the story is done when you hit publish. At Huffington Post, the article begins its life when you hit publish.'”

Penguin Will Publish Sequel to “Game Change”

Penguin will publish the sequel to the bestseller "Game Chang" written by John Heilemann, left, and Mark Halperin

John Heilemann, left, and Mark Halperin wrote Game Change

In Fall 2013, Penguin Press will release Double Down: Game Change 2012, the New York Times reports. The book is a follow-up to the bestseller Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime, which memorably chronicled the inner workings of the historic 2008 presidential campaign. Republican candidate for President, John McCain disputed Heilemann and Halperin’s version of events, with McCain’s running mate Sarah Palin dismissing the screen adaptation that aired on HBO as “Hollywood lies.”  Julianne Moore earned an Emmy Award for her performance as the 2008 Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate. HBO has optioned the sequel. Penguin publisher Ann Godoff told The Hollywood Reporter in a statement, “John Heilemann and Mark Halperin reinvented the campaign narrative with Game Change. Their new book Double Down will, of course, break news; but more importantly, it will create the lasting story of the 2012 race for the presidency.” With ICM recently partnering with DC literary agency Sagalyn, books about politics will likely continue to capture the attention of publishers.