Elizabeth Gilbert Calls 2013 "The Year of the Woman Writer"

“2013 = THE YEAR OF THE WOMAN WRITER!” Elizabeth Gilbert posted on her Facebook page last month, adding, “…what a year 2013 has been for female authors!” Citing Alice Munro’s Nobel win as the cap on a year of stellar writing by women, Gilbert listed Donna Tarrt, Jesmyn Ward, and Rayya Elias, among a list… Read more.

Elizabeth Gilbert: "Done is Better than Good"

People.com hosted a live chat with Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love and The Signature of All Things) and it was full of writing advice gems for aspiring and grinding writers. Here, the best of the session: Marybelle asked: Hi Liz! Just finished SOAT, and the aspect that really stuck with me at the end was how Alma,… Read more.

Free Excerpts of New Works by Elizabeth Gilbert, Wally Lamb Now Available

Digital industry newsletter Publishers Lunch has released a free ebook called Buzz Books 2013 featuring excerpts of new works from some of the most successful writers in the business. Joy Luck Club author Amy Tan, She’s Come Undone scribe Wally Lamb, and Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Love fame are among the starry names. Actor… Read more.

On Validation

I co-lead a monthly writers group as part of the Center for Faith and Work, and before we break off into small groups to workshop our pieces, one of the members leads us in a discussion on a topic centered around the writing life. Last month, Brooke Obie, author of Book of Addis: Cradled Embers (Vol 1), led… Read more.

How Would You Rewrite Your Existing Character or Published Story?

All the dismay expressed about the flawed, racist Atticus Finch character in Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchman, versus the saintly Civil Rights attorney and crusader Atticus was in To Kill a Mockingbird, has me thinking about Zadie Smith’s popular quote about redlining her published novel to rid it of “every redundant phrase, each show-off, pointless metaphor” just… Read more.

The Mystery of the Muse

Where does inspiration come from? Elizabeth Gilbert shared her theory in her 2009 TED Talk: “[C]enturies ago in the deserts of North Africa, people used to gather for these moonlight dances of sacred dance and music that would go on for hours and hours, until dawn. They were always magnificent, because the dancers were professionals… Read more.

Cover Love: Chang-rae Lee Experiments with 3-D for "On Such a Full Sea"

For his just released book On Such a Full Sea, Chang-rae Lee‘s publisher Riverhead Books created a 3-D slipcover. In an interview with Time.com, Riverhead Books’ art director Helen Yentus (whose design credits include Elizabeth Gilbert‘s Eat, Pray, Love)   explained she had to learn the technology to fully understand what was capable. “You get used to… Read more.

On Shame

Miranda Beverly-Whittemore has written a powerful and honest piece on the shame of poor book sales. In a post announcing the launch of her third novel Bittersweet, she shares: Shortly after I signed my book deal with Crown back in February, I received a long document of questions from my editor, running from the mundane (name,… Read more.

I'm a Bestseller, Now What?

As most writers have been told at some point, there can be no story without conflict. In most people’s lives that conflict is, at its most basic, a struggle toward accomplishing a goal, with the vague or clear (depending on the person) intention to be remembered for something. But what happens when you’ve reached your… Read more.