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Stop Being Afraid to Call Yourself a Writer

You may not be published. You may not be getting a check for your words. You may not be very good. Yet. You may have succeeded in getting an agent and a deal, only for your work to be a critical and/or commercial flop. You may have hit the deadline you gave yourself to give it all up if your writing didn’t take off by now. But what I’ve learned in the 14 years I’ve been writing professionally as a journalist, copywriter, and, now, an author is that being a writer starts with admitting that you are one. Owning it. Accepting that you are lying if you call yourself anything else.

What you have to get past is the fact that your writing isn’t perfect and never will be. What you have to understand is that the writers you respect most aren’t deities either. And what you have to know is that publication, an agent, acceptance letters, prizes, and accolades don’t define you. Because, if you never achieve these goals, you will still write. You can’t help it. You’re a writer.


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