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Rest in Peace, J. California Cooper

Author J. California Cooper has died. She was 82 - peoplewhowrite

Author and playwright Joan California Cooper died on Saturday September 20th. She was 82.

“…I have found out that life is sure full of lessons. I have seen most people just skip through their life and don’t pay no attention to what they are missing in life: the lessons! The lessons that tell you it’s better to be right, and do right instead of wrong. That will save you from a whole lot of troubles as you go along your way. God runs my life so I don’t have to worry about it.” — from Life is Short But Wide by J. California Cooper.


3 responses to “Rest in Peace, J. California Cooper

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  2. very sad about her death. I just ordered her book ‘Some Love, Some Pain, Sometime’ as I hear its an amazing book. I wish more people knew about her and her work! Great literature isn’t only Maya Angelou lol

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