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Bridgett M. Davis: "It takes the time it takes."

Bridgett M. Davis - peoplewhowrite

Bridgett M. Davis

It took Bridgett Davis nine years to write her sophomore novel Into the Go-Slow, and in the process she’s learned some things. Perhaps most poignant (to me, anyway) is her submission to the fact that writing a book “takes the time it takes.” Forget bragging rights (of what a genius you are for writing the book in only X months or years). Keep the pressure of self-imposed deadlines in perspective. Respect your pace and process. 

Davis elaborates in a piece for “A novel takes as long as it needs to take to say the things you need to say in the way you need to say them. Worrying about arbitrary deadlines does not influence the creative process. Nor should you be concerned about “timeliness” or literary trends, which are completely unpredictable elements. My novel is set in Detroit and Lagos, Nigeria — both are places in the news now. Who could’ve planned for that?”

Check out the other insights she gained on the way to publishing her second novel.


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