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Sony Is Officially Out of the E-Reader Business

Sony has confirmed today that they will not be making another ebook reader. via - peoplewhowrite

“Sony has confirmed today that they will not be making another ebook reader – not even for their sole remaining market in Japan.” –

Sony’s decision not to produce another e-reader follows their February 2014 announcement that they were shuttering their e-bookshop. With the lion’s share of readers using Amazon Kindles and Barnes and Noble Nooks, and the iPad ranking highest among tablet users according to a survey, writers and publishers need to figure out how we can leverage the devices readers prefer in fresh ways. How can we deliver digital stories that go beyond the standard, expected page-to-digi transfer?

In 2011, bestselling author Victoria Christopher Murray introduced the A Chapter A Month Club which enabled readers to receive a new chapter of original writing by authors on a monthly basis. In 2013, Margaret Atwood released a serial novel via Now that Amazon has launched its Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription service even as similar services like Oyster and Scribd gain market share, a serial system of some sort could really engage readers. Interesting how this 3.0 platform is bringing back the storytelling delivery popular in the days of old school radio.


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