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British Booksellers Caution Publishers Not to Bypass Them

British bookseller Dan Johns - peoplewhowrite

British bookseller Dan Johns said: “If I cannot put my trust in a publisher or a publisher’s rep, I will simply not communicate. I will order my books, but I will not tell you anymore than that. I need to know any information I give to you is not being used to get direct e-book sales.”

The battle for readers between booksellers, publishers, and Amazon continues–although this time Amazon has nothing directly to do with the beef. According to a piece on The Bookseller this week, English booksellers are peeved at publishers for selling titles directly to institutions at the Bookseller Association’s Academic, Professional and Specialist conference in Brighton last week. This incident marks the latest threat to bookstores’ relevance in the age of the e-book. 

Back in 2012, when Amazon launched a publishing division, Barnes and Noble refused to carry their titles which hurt the e-tailer’s book sales may have forced them to focus on bookstores outside the U.S. Last year, when B&N felt Simon and Schuster was not showing strong enough support in their vulnerability to Amazon, the 140-year-old bookstore reportedly reduced orders of Simon and Schuster titles “by as much as 90%.” It took eight months for S&S and B&N to mend fences.


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