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Need Somebody to Read Your Work-in-Progress?

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“Does any of this even make sense?”

Trying something new here. Once a week/month/quarter/year/never (depending on how many submissions I get), I’ll post the first 1,000 words of a piece of any genre by an anonymous author and ask you to share your feedback in the comments section. There’ll be a “want to keep reading?” poll at the bottom of the post that will determine whether I post the next 2,000 words, and we’ll go on like that until the complete work is posted or you get bored.

If you’d like to participate, submit your piece to

One of the most crucial things about the writing process is having a reader whose taste you respect give your work an incisive read. Problem is, it’s really hard to find such a reader who has the time to dedicate to a 1,000-word piece let alone manuscript or screenplay of 200+ pages. It’s even harder to find a reader whose personal connection with you won’t bias their response to your work.

But what if you could get feedback from a group of people who have nothing to lose in being completely truthful about the quality of your work?

If you’re interested, submit your piece to All genres are welcome, though I reserve the right not to post anything that’s gratuitously graphic or explicit for no reason.

PS – Here’s a list of sites that offer writing feedback:


Critique Circle

Review Fuse

The Next Big Writer

PPS – WriteWorld has a longer list of feedback sites here.


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