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R.I.P. Sony Reader

The Sony PRS-T3S (via Goodereader) - peoplewhowrite

The Sony PRS-T3S (via Goodereader)

Sony Electronics has decided to close its Reader Store next month, leaving the North American e-Reading public to choose between the Kindle, iPad, and the Kobo. In a press release explaining the move, Sony announced that it will transfer “Sony’s Reader Store customers and their current eBook libraries… to the Kobo ecosystem starting in late March.”

The release adds of the Toronto-based company whose name is an anagram of “book”:

Kobo serves 18 million readers around the world and works with 1.3 million authors to deliver one of the world’s best catalogues of more than 4million eBooks, magazines, and newspapers. From bestselling authors like Dan Brown, Margaret Atwood, Jodi Picoult, Khaled Hosseini, John Grisham, Nora Roberts, and Gillian Flynn, to popular magazines like Vanity Fair, People, Macleans, Food & Wine, and Today’s Parent, Kobo has something for everyone.

NPR says of Sony’s shuttering e-bookshop, “Although initially competitive, Sony’s ebook store and apps have lagged [behind] competitors such as Amazon and Apple for years.” Barnes and Noble’s electronic reader the Nook has also been struggling to compete.

In other e-reading news, Publishers Weekly reports:

In a deal that brings together one of the oldest independent e-book publishers with one of the largest, Open Road Integrated Media has signed an agreement to acquire E-Reads, the digital publisher founded by Richard Curtis in 1999. The purchase, which is set to close April 1, will add more than 1,200 e-books to Open Road’s list and includes authors such as Dan Simmons, Harlan Ellison, Greg Bear, John Norman (in science fiction and fantasy), Aaron Elkins, Barbara Parker (mystery), Laura Kinsale (romance), and Ray Garton (horror). Following completion of the deal, Open Road will publish and distribute the titles through its own platform and the E-Reads site will be taken down.


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