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Cover Love: Chang-rae Lee Experiments with 3-D for "On Such a Full Sea"

3-D slipcover for Chang-rae Lee's new book

It took 15 hours to print each 3-D slipcover for Chang-rae Lee’s new book. Some of the prototypes took 30 hours.

For his just released book On Such a Full Sea, Chang-rae Lee‘s publisher Riverhead Books created a 3-D slipcover. In an interview with, Riverhead Books’ art director Helen Yentus (whose design credits include Elizabeth Gilbert‘s Eat, Pray, Love)   explained she had to learn the technology to fully understand what was capable.

“You get used to the six-by-nine rectangle where everything is flat,” she told TIME. “Even now with digital we’re still designing in that same six-by-nine rectangle, it’s just much smaller. It’s really exciting to be able to think of coming off the page.” The slipcover shows the title of the book raised and distorted, hinting at the “imagined future” America Lee has created in this new work.

Only 200 slipcover copies were printed, “a number partially decided by how many could physically be printed in time for the shelf date,” TIME says. Just a matter of time before more books make use of technology to make the reading experience even more immersive.

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