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Cover Love: Kalyani Magazine's Third Issue

A "doobie" covers the third issue of literary magazine Kalyani. - peoplewhowrite

The “doobie,” which Rihanna mainstreamed at the American Music Awards, covers the Third Issue of literary magazine Kalyani, AALBC reports. Allow me to lift what I love about this cover from a comment I left on an post about Rihanna’s hairstyle choice:

what i LURVED about rihanna’s coif choice is that it removed another layer of shame many of us [black women] have about our hair. if you straighten your hair as a black/brown woman, chances are you have had it wrapped for preservation at one point or another. it’s a fact, part of our lives, the same way periods are. nothing to hide.

it’s part of the beautification process for many of us, and that, in itself, is a beautiful thing. acceptable for an “iconic” moment. that’s what rihanna and her hairstylist were saying to all of us who’ve had the back of our shirts soaked by the black plastic cape that’s supposed to protect you from the water as you rinse at the sink, but the velcro closure has long since lost its sticking power. all of us who’ve flinched as that hell-hot blow dryer comes for our hair like a gun, after an hour under the even hotter dryer. and yes, all of us who’ve paid the extra $2 to walk out of the salon with our hair wrapped in a crown of bobby pins.

3 responses to “Cover Love: Kalyani Magazine's Third Issue

  1. Thanks for the shout out 🙂 Oh I would have really enjoyed it if you’d posted your comment for my discussion forum (too). It seems we only communicate on social media but not our own platforms. Social wins and collectively we lose.

    I always thought the was simply a hair style? My daughter and wife “straightened” me out.

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