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People Who Write Turns 1!

me at 1, or thereabouts

me at 1, or thereabouts

Today marks the anniversary of my very first People Who Write post! I started this blog two and a half years after my novel Powder Necklace was published because I realized how little I knew about the publishing industry when my book was first released–and how little information or help is shared between aspiring and professional writers. Good luck, for example, getting a writer friend to recommend your work to his or her agent. Additionally, news of fellowships, residencies, and other calls for papers tends to get circulated amongst insiders.

Getting in is so hard, fear and insecurity abound. Couple that with the fact that most writers tend to be introverts, and the industry itself is so notoriously secretive, and the loneliness and ignorance becomes palpable.

I’m definitely no expert. Another reason I started this blog was because I knew it would force me to stay on top of reading industry trades and processing how certain events impact us as writers. But I have learned a few things over the last few years, and I’ve met some people who know a lot more than me. With People Who Write, my goal is to continue to share the information I’ve gleaned and, encourage other people who write to share what they know.

THANKS for reading. Please do spread the word about the blog and post info about fellowships, residencies or contests you know of in the comments section. And, if you’ve got one, we welcome your agent’s contact info too. 😉

5 responses to “People Who Write Turns 1!

  1. Happy first! I’m more or less about where you were a year ago and I’m learning on a daily basis and by the skin of my pants!

  2. And you were such a cute baby 😉

  3. Happy Anniversary! Will you be blogging about new fellowship ops?

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