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The Best Quotes from Agent Andrew Wylie's New Republic Interview

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Andrew Wylie

Could veteran agent Andrew Wylie (he represents Salman Rushdie, Martin Amis, and Vladimir Nabokov’s backlist among other elite literary clients) be the literary world’s Kanye West? Wylie gave the New Republic a much-shared interview full of quotables. Here are my favorites:

On the first time he saw a Kindle
“I was in Rome, in the back of a taxi, and I couldn’t see it. So I thought, fuck this.”

On the motive behind Amazon’s entry into print publishing
“I believe that Amazon has its print publishing business so that their behavior as a distributor of digital content can be misperceived by the Department of Justice and the publishing industry in a way that is convenient for Amazon’s bottom line.”

On selling one of his clients’ books to Amazon
“If one of my children were kidnapped and they were threatening to throw a child off a bridge and I believed them, I might.”

On his youthful understanding of representing authors of literary fiction
“The image I had was, if you represented writers who are good, they and you were doomed to a life of poverty and madness and alcoholism and suicide. Dying spider plants and grimy windows on the Lower East Side. On the other side of my family, there were bankers. So I wanted to put the two together.”

On young writers
“Young writers, when they see me, it’s like meeting Ronald Reagan. Sometimes I go in to pay my respects. Everyone is perfectly polite, but you can tell they’d be a lot comfier if I’d just get the fuck out. So I do.”

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