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Tumblr Has Launched a Reblog Book Club

According to writer Lauren Mechlin, the traditional book club is going through a “crisis“, and now Tumblr is offering a solution by way of its newly launched  “Reblog Book Club”. As a member of this club, reading the selected is encouraged, though not required.

“[A] written review, fan art, gifs, poems, letters…” and of course reblogging others’ expressions are all fair game modes of participation, says the social network’s literary outreach and book club leader Rachel Fershleiser.  The club’s first book is coming of age novel  Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.

Though it could be some time before book lovers consistently turn to Tumblr for recommendations, it offers in the meantime an audience for writers to promote their works and that of others they admire. (It certainly made me take “create a Tumblr page” off my procrastination list.)

Check out Fershleiser’s tips for writers on Tumblr.


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