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The Outrage: Indie Booksellers are not Amused by Alleged Amazon Cold Calls to Sell Kindles logoAmazon has allegedly been trying to get independent bookstores to sell the Kindle, and according to a piece on Shelf Awareness these booksellers are not amused. The piece on SA explains that several bookstores have received calls from individuals identifying themselves as Amazon reps instructed to try and build relationships with the store owners. The relationship-building campaign is “in order to ‘partner’ with us in a program to sell Kindles in our store,” reports one bookseller who received such a call.

As the SA piece points out, highlighting a note on The Stranger blog, booksellers have no love for the e-tailer. “I’ve never met an independent bookseller who has even ambivalent feelings about Amazon. They all hate Amazon, with a passion that they never could manage to muster for Barnes and Noble. I almost feel sorry for these Kindle telemarketers.”

Indeed, bookshop owners in the UK collected over 160,000 signatures in protest of Amazon’s alleged ducking of corporate taxes “by reporting its European sales through a Luxembourg-based unit” according to a piece in The Guardian. French culture minister Aurélie Filippetti reportedly called Amazon a “destroyer of bookshops.”

This enmity is also shared by some bookstore chains. Currently, Barnes and Noble refuses to carry titles published by Amazon.


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