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Rough Few Weeks for Journalists

Layoffs at the New York Post newspaper - peoplewhowrite

New York Post staffers have been offered buyouts

Following layoffs that hit the The New York Times both on the corporate side and the newsroom last year, the past few weeks have seen the budget axe come down on multiple news outlets.  The New York Post offered voluntary buyouts to newsroom staffers.The New York Daily News let go of  three of its outer bureau chiefs in Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens, along with other staffers. At The Village Voice, both the Editor-in-Chief and the Deputy Editor resigned in protest after their boss asked them to lop five members from their already lean 20-member staff.

The cuts aren’t only hitting print publications. reports, “Over at Say Media, which owns ReadWrite and xoJane, 10 percent of its 400-person staff has been laid off.” Madame Noire Business Editor Tonya Garcia says of the bloodletting, “If you don’t have a passion for news, the mental toughness to deal with the constant change, or a streak of masochism, steer clear of media jobs.”


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