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On "" Readers Download E-Books Legally, for Free allows readers to download books for free - peoplewhowriteStarting May 1, 2013, The Bookseller reports, readers can download ebooks for free on  Copy on the site explains: “While many established authors create free ebooks to complement their print sales, more new writers are distributing their work free of charge on ebook download sites like obooko as a first step towards traditional publishing.” The site also gives writers a list of reasons why they should be interested in submitting their work for free download, one of them being, they don’t have to pay any self-publishing costs.

I’m skeptical of the benefit. At present, writers can already make their works available for free digital download; why do it through Obooko? Perhaps the main benefit is the site will likely be working to establish a community on their own and driving clicks to the site through advertising and publicity efforts. If that’s the only plus, writers are better off going through tested sites like Wattpad which spawned the career — and Random House book deal — of teen author Beth Reeks.



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  2. Hi there

    I’ve had a couple of books available on Obooko since late 2013 and whilst the downloads haven’t been spectacular by any means, they’ve easily surpassed my “reads” on Wattpad (where I’ve never really managed to get any traction). See for example:

    Some books which have been on Obooko since its inception (around 2009-10) have done very well, with several thousand downloads. So I wouldn’t dismiss Obooko out of hand – and if you are making your books available for free, you might as well have them on as many platforms as you can be bothered with. That said, my books have fared much better on Smashwords and Feedbooks – so my advice would be to look at those platforms ahead of Obooko. Anyway, I like your blog – keep up the good work!


    • Thank you so much for reading, and for sharing your Obooko experience! There are a few platforms that give us writers the opportunity to share our work and it’s hard to know which ones are the right ones. Good to know about Smashwords and Feedbooks!

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