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HarperCollins Educates Readers About Enhanced E-Books

Sh*t my dad says author justin halpern tries to  explain enhanced ebooks to his dad_peoplewhowrite

Sh*t My Dad Says and I Suck at Girls author tries to explain Enhanced Ebooks to his dad

HarperCollins has released a new section of their website focused on explaining what the “EEB” (Enhanced Ebook) is.  Described as an ebook that offers an interactive digital experience that “[gives] the reader something that they cannot get in the traditional print book”, recent EEBs by the publisher include Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, Colin Powell’s It Worked for Me, and Veronica Rossi’s Under the Never Sky. Whether novel, autobiography, or cookbook, these enhanced reading experiences allow the reader to unlock images, songs, recipes, etc that offer deeper opportunity to engage with the text. HarperCollins’ spokesperson Jessica Barraco told Publishers Weekly, “We thought having a page like this would be great to show consumers what they’re paying for. [It] makes it easier for consumers to make a decision.” Perhaps enhanced products like this will be the way forward for writers to command higher prices and royalties.


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