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New Lizzie Skurnick Imprint Will Re-Release Out-of-Print YA Titles

Lizzy Skurnick - people who write

Lizzy Skurnick

Lizzy Skurnick, a freelance journalist and the author of Shelf Discovery: The Teen Classics We Never Stopped Reading  has an eponymous new imprint that will reissue rare and out-of-print young adult classics. Launched by Brooklyn-based Ig Publishing, Lizzy Skurnick Books will release 12 to 14 titles a year, according to Publishers Weekly.

Most of the books will be resurrected from the ’30s through ’80s, including titles like Me and Fat Glenda by Lila Perl and A Long Day in November by Ernest J. Gaines which are now available on Amazon for a hefty price tag, if available at all.  The imprint also plans to publish new titles by authors active in the ’70s and ’80s.

Skurnick told PW, she plans to market the classic young adult books to adult women. “Teens’ tastes have changed. It’s for adults who want to read, re-read, and collect these books. If mothers and fathers want to share the books, great.”

I hope Brenda Scott Wilkinson’s Ludell series is among the vintage titles that gets re-released!


8 responses to “New Lizzie Skurnick Imprint Will Re-Release Out-of-Print YA Titles

  1. Yes, we’re releasing the entire Ludell series! It was my favorite! I’ve never met anyone else who’d read it!

  2. The first book is scheduled (tentatively) for Spring 2014, and then the next will follow. I wanted to have it in the launch, but it took a little while to find Brenda!!!!!!!!!

  3. Let me know if you’d like to do an interview or summat with Brenda! I’ll see if she’s game.

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