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Penguin To Let Libraries Loan E-Books of New Releases

Penguin will allow libraries to loan e-books of newly released titles - peoplewhowritePenguin Group USA has decided to let libraries loan e-books of new releases — “a switch from the previous policy of delaying downloads for six months,” The Miami Herald reports. The American Library Association is thrilled by the news with President Maureen Sullivan saying “There is more to be gained than lost when publishers work with libraries.”

Penguin has been reticent to allow library downloads for fear it would hurt sales, but after tracking the downloads’ effect on sales the publisher gave the go-ahead. The Herald notes: “Like HarperCollins, Hachette Book Group and other publishers, Penguin is still not offering unlimited access to e-books. Libraries are allowed to lend out one e-edition at a time, for a duration determined by the library. Because e-books don’t wear out, libraries can purchase them for one year, then must pay again to continue making them available.”


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