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In Solidarity With Authors, Editorial Board of Journal Resigns

Damon Jaggars resigns from Journal of Library Administration with entire editorial board - peoplewhowrite

Damon Jaggars

The entire editorial board of the Journal of Library Administration has resigned because they feel the author agreement that requires writers to pay $3000 for an article to appear in the journal is “too restrictive.” Damon Jaggars explained his resignation to the Chronicle: “When I became an editor, I did so because I really wanted to create a really forward-looking journal that would have an impact on the profession… A lot of community effort went into the journal because a lot of people believed in what we were trying to create, but it was at the point that we really couldn’t do what we wanted to do.”

Taylor and Francis, the publisher of the Journal, responded: “We consider ourselves to be a forward-looking Publisher on author rights.” Editorial Director Tracy Roberts continued, “Our License grants significant reuse rights to authors (pre-prints, non-embargoed post-prints, sharing, classroom use, presentation at conferences, republication in existing or new form), whilst we ask only for a sole license over the published version of record.”

It’s exciting to see editors supporting authors in this way. With every aspect of publishing going through major growing pains in the face of digital reading preferences, Amazon, the decline of bookstores, and self-publishing; alliances have been slippery. Agents in bed with Amazon. Bookstores in (and out) of bed with publishers. Meanwhile, writers have become rag doll pawns between the competing interests. It would be nice to see this kind of solidarity spread to other parts of the publishing industry.


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