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Amazon Will Pay Royalties on a Monthly Basis-Publishers Pay Biannually

Amazon Publishing's Jeff Belle - peoplewhowrite

Jeff Belle

Amazon Publishing continues to do what they can to make themselves a more attractive option to writers and agents, to the chagrin of traditional publishers. First they gave authors access to sales dashboards to create an aura of transparency around book sales, now they are announcing a faster royalty payout schedule.

In a letter sent to authors and agents today, Amazon Publishing VP Jeff Belle explained “in this digital age, we don’t see why authors should have to wait six months to be paid.” Publishers Lunch reports, “The new payment procedure will begin with January 2013 royalties, to be paid through on March 31… Amazon has confirmed to us that they are measuring unit sales for this ranking (not dollar sales), and when they refer to Amazon Publishing they mean their house imprints only (and not KDP).” Interestingly, Amazon does not reveal Kindle sales on the Author dashboard.

Soon after Amazon rolled out Author dashboards, Publishers followed suit. Will they follow Amazon’s lead on royalty payments?


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