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Atria Books Tries Voucher System to Distribute eBooks

Gary Schwartz - peoplewhowrite

Gary Schwartz

The eBook business is exploding, lapping past physical book sales daily, but their popularity poses a conundrum in the traditional author-reader interaction. How do you sign an eBook, let alone distribute them at an author event?

Authorgraph (aka KindleGraph) enables writers to sign digital books, as does Fanado, an app author Margaret Atwood launched; and now Simon and Schuster’s Atria imprint has teamed up with Impact Mobile to create digital eBook vouchers with unique codes that can be redeemed for a free download by audiences at an author event/ signing. According to the press release on Digital Book World, “The digital voucher system will be in use at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where Impact Mobile CEO, Gary Schwartz, will have a presence on behalf of both Impact Mobile and as author of Fast Shopper, Slow Store.”

The voucher system sounds similar to the coupon codes fashion retailers distribute online to stimulate sales and grow their customer files. It’ll be interesting to see how it works for the publisher.


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