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Bookseller Appeals to Publishers for More Paperbacks, Staggered E-Releases

Mandy Vere - peoplewhowrite

Mandy Vere

In a post entitled “Paperback Plea” on The Bookseller, Liverpool bookseller Mandy Vere says pricier hardcovers are out of reach for most consumers. If all that’s available in-store are hardcover, bookstores are at a disadvantage to e-book sellers which offer customers a cheaper (and lightweight) alternative. Suggesting a staggered release cycle for e-books versus paperbacks and hardcovers, Vere writes: “It seems a particular kind of madness nowadays, when e-books frequently come out simultaneously with hardbacks (giving another advantage to the online giant over traditional bookshops).”  Vere’s suggestions match the publishing plan for E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey. In addition to the sexual content, book sales benefited from the way it was released; first online as fan fiction, then as paperback and e-book before a hardcover version hit bookstores.


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