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Barnes & Noble Has Reduced Orders of Simon & Schuster Books

Barnes and Noble, booksellers since 1873 - peoplewhowriteUPDATE: Barnes and Noble has reportedly reduced orders for some titles “by as much as 90%” according to an agent quoted in the Wall Street Journal. Click here to learn more about the terms of the dispute and what’s at stake for both.

Publishers Weekly
is reporting Barnes and Noble has “significantly reduced its orders from S&S, allegedly because the bookseller feels the publisher is not adequately supporting them. In a statement, a Barnes and Noble spokesperson said, “As the nation’s largest physical bookseller, Barnes [and] Noble supports publishers who support our bookstores.”

Barnes and Noble has been vigilant about protecting its place in the publishing industry food chain in the wake of challenges from Amazon. They refused to carry print books published by Amazon, forcing the nation’s largest e-tailer to focus their print business in Europe.

The reduction in orders seems to be a warning as Barnes and Noble continues to carry Simon and Schuster books. That said, with Barnes and Noble projected to close 15 stores by the end of the 2012 fiscal year, and another 450-plus over the next 10 years, it seems Simon and Schuster won’t be the only publisher dealing with reduced orders.


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