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UK Agency Curtis Brown Produces Films Based on their Authors' Books

Curtis Brown literary agency - peoplewhowriteLooking for an agent can be even more grueling and demoralizing than trying to get a publishing deal, but when you find an agent/agency that’s creative, forward-thinking, and industrious, like a wife, you’ve found a good thing. I have no idea what the writers on Curtis Brown’s roster would say about their experience with the literary agency, but it seems the agency is a good place to be for writers looking to find readers in unpicked places.

On Wednesday, Cuba Pictures (the production arm of Curtis Brown) announced, “We have now decided to invest in production as a new, stand-alone unit under the Curtis Brown umbrella.” Founded in 2008, Cuba Pictures‘ Nick Marston wrote in BookBrunch, “The plan was to make use of the fund of literary material the company represents… It was widely assumed this would mean snaffling all the high-profile titles before the rest of the world had a chance to bid. In reality, the first two books we found were hidden gems, both first novels already published and struggling to find the readership they deserved.”

In the past I have wondered whether Agents are complicating the war between traditional publishers and Amazon, and this news makes me think they definitely are — in a good way.  They — the good ones — are nimbly raising the stakes by thinking ahead, thinking differently, and investing in their authors. No matter what, they’ll get their cut. The goal is to find the agent that will have earned it.

UPDATE: Just to clarify, Curtis Brown won’t be funding productions.


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