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Coming Soon: The World's Cheapest, Lightest E-Reader

The Txtr Beagle via - peoplewhowrite

The Txtr Beagle

UPDATE: Txtr has filed for insolvency.


3M, the company that brought us Post-Its will reportedly soon be responsible for bringing a €10 e-reader to market. 3M owns 25% of Txtr, an e-book company based in Berlin that will release the Txtr Beagle as the e-reader is called. Good E-Reader says the Beagle will retail for about $39 in the US.

According to, the Txtr Beagle will target those who do a good amount of reading on mobile devices, allowing Users to add ebooks to the Beagle via a Bluetooth-enabled phone or an Android app. The Beagle will not have Wi-Fi and it will operate on two AAA batteries.

Back in June, GigaOM reported Txtr was opening a New York office to be led by Simon & Schuster/Time Warner Book Group alum Dan Vidra. The piece notes, Txtr has content deals in place with Random House with deals in the works to add titles from Hachette, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Wily, Penguin, and others.

Check out Good E-Reader‘s video review of the Txtr Beagle below.


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