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The Art of the Printed Book

Van Wanten Etcetera, an advertising agency in Amsterdam, conceptualized this poster campaign for the Collective Promotion Dutch Literature, who organizes Dutch Book Week promoting Dutch literature. - Peoplewhowrite

“Geschreven Portretten” translates to “Written Portraits”

File this under brilliant. As part of their annual drive to promote Dutch literature via Dutch Book Week, Collective Promotion Dutch Literature engaged Amsterdam-based ad agency Van Wanten Etcetera to create a campaign. The goal was to specifically celebrate the autobiography, and in response the agency came up with the “Written Portraits” theme.

I don’t know what’s more impressive: the literary busts created by Dutch creative collective Souverein, or the photography which underscores the picture-worth-a-thousand-words axiom. That said, the campaign ironically casts the print book as a museum piece which may or not be a good thing as book lovers increasingly favor e-reading to physical tomes. Either way, it makes the case for reading — whatever the format — beautifully. Check out more book-inspired art here.


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