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Goodreads' New Year Reading Challenge

Goodreads urges book lovers to set a reading goal for 2013.

How many books will you read in 2013? Goodreads challenges book lovers to set a goal.

Happy NEW Year!! First of all, I want to thank you for reading People Who Write! I started this blog because I love people who write and the writing process, and couldn’t find many destinations or sources that compiled writer-relevant info in one space. I hope to do a better job of sharing news and perspectives that help motivate you as you get started on new projects, work to find an agent, and strive to get published.

Also among my goals is to make more time to read for pleasure. I’ve been reading a lot for research, which comes with its own rush, but I want to read more without needing a pen or laptop nearby. I also want to finally clear my list of all the books I’ve been wanting to get to while I was consumed with my last writing project.

For my reading resolution and others like it, Goodreads is issuing a reading challenge to its 13 million members. They’re asking book lovers to set a goal for how many books you’ll read this year, and they’ll help you track progress. The average goal from 2012 was 58 books, a little over a book a week. I wish I could commit to a book a week, but with my schedule, a book (for pleasure) a month is more realistic.

What about you? Do you have a writing/reading-related resolution? How many books would you like to read this year?

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