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Random House Teams Up with Publishers Lunch to Power "Bookateria"

Publishers Lunch Bookateria_peoplewhowriteRandom House has been dominating the news cycle with their authors and deals lately. In the last few weeks, they’ve announced a merger with fellow big six publisher Penguin; signed 17-year-old Beth Reeks to a three-book deal; blessed each employee with a $5,000 Christmas bonus related to their Fifty Shades of Grey success; and added three new digital-only imprints, among other news. Now, they’ve partnered with important publishing industry newsletter Publishers Lunch to power an online bookstore called Bookateria.

What differentiates Bookateria from Apple’s iBookstore and Amazon is it will drive sales by connecting the inside info and news available to Publishers Marketplace members about specific book deals, authors, agents, and publishers. Publishers Marketplace, which is the companion member-based community to Publisher’s Lunch, will manage and merchandise Bookateria; Random House will power the store, providing technology, staff, and support services.

Publishers Lunch founder Michael Cader said of the new selling environment, “We’ve long been looking for a solution that lets us connect the news and our proprietary data directly to a store environment to drive book sales, while supporting the entire bookselling environment, without favoring any one party or competing directly with booksellers who provide such a valuable service.” Random House’s Amanda Close, Senior Vice President of Marketplace Development, said their decision to power Bookateria came down to supporting another way for readers to discover books.


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