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Sony Wonderbook Presents Interactive Fiction via PS3

The Sony Wonderbook is a soft plastic "book" of few pages featuring augmented reality symbols

A bundled Sony Wonderbook kit comes with the soft plastic “book,” a Move motion controller, and a PlayStation Eye Camera

Sony has launched an augmented reality Wonderbook for its PlayStation 3 console. The first release, Book of Spells, will feature new writing by J.K. Rowling inspired by her Harry Potter series.

Instead of words and pictures, the Wonderbook has augmented reality symbols that users “unlock” with the PlayStation Eye Camera and a Move motion controller to interact with the text on a TV screen via PS3 hook-up. Mashable has posted a short but thorough review of the interactive game/book

With the recent release of Rick Smolan and Jennifer Erwitt’s book The Human Face of Big Data which leverages augmented reality to enable readers to interact with its content, augmented reality could become a “thing” in publishing. Perhaps even a “big thing,” especially if the Rowling’s Wonderbook ends up making bank for Sony.

I would imagine creating an augmented reality-enhanced book is not a cheap enterprise and it’s the kind of technology that has to be used to truly add dimension to a text versus just implementing it because it’s there. Either way, it presents something new for writers to be thinking about as they sign contracts with publishers or consider fresh ways to market their work. It also means publishers may have to start expanding their marketing and tech departments to include augmented reality experts, programmers, and gamers.


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