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A Gift from United Sisters Book Club!

These earrings were a gift from the United Sisters Book Club

these earrings were a gift from the United Sisters Book Club!

A year and a half ago, United Sisters Book Club invited me to attend their discussion of my book Powder Necklace. I had a wonderful time with the women who gave me frank feedback I have taken with me as I work on new projects. We’ve kept in touch since then, and when they invited to their holiday meeting I happily made the trek. Book Clubs are crucial to a book’s and author’s success, as writer Eisa Ulen pointed out in sharing the story of her path to publication.  It was again, an incredible time. Three other authors were in attendance, Wallace Ford, Nancey Flowers, and Alfred Turnipseed. (Alfred’s daughter Erica Simone Turnipseed is also an author who has written two books.) We all shared an update of projects we’re currently working on and then we chowed down on all the food!! Mac and cheese, rice and peas, collard greens, ham, chicken, pound cake, ice cream… Yes, I took a doggie bag. As if that weren’t enough, two of the members gifted the group with earrings. I’ll wear mine with pride.


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