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Amazon Accepting Submissions for "Breakthrough Novel" Contest

Will you submit your novel in Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Award contest?

Will you submit?

You have a month to polish off and tighten up your manuscripts. Amazon will begin accepting submissions for their 2013 Breakthrough Novel Award on January 14th, 2013. The winner (if you’re 13 or older, you’re eligible) will receive a publishing contract with Amazon Publishing and a $50,000 advance, while four finalists will receive a publishing contract and $15,000 advance. Last year, the winner received a contract from Penguin; this year, Amazon promises a faster publishing timeline. The contest is limited to 10,000 Entries, and Amazon will stop accepting Entries once they’ve reached the 10,000 entry mark. Publishers Weekly will help judge the contest. You should know that Barnes and Noble refuses to carry any print titles published by Amazon, as part of the continuing war between Amazon and the traditional publishing industry. If you plan to submit, make sure to read the fine print.


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