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A Trained Librarian is a Powerful Search Engine with a Heart

peoplewhowrite_a trained librarian is a search engine with heart_via writeteacherThe Write Teacher posted this picture on Facebook and it made me smile, as I just got back from a library search expedition this evening. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in different libraries across Manhattan and Queens over the last three years, doing research for my second and third books, but tonight, I had a moment.

I was looking for a specific book, a 19th century translation from a book written in the 14th century, and the call number the librarian needed to use to retrieve the book had been entered incorrectly. After trying to trace the book, she called for help from another librarian who eventually gave me the bad news the book was not at their branch. She sat with me as I located the book (online) at another library. I left Manhattan for Queens to get the book and as I plucked it from a “will-call” shelf where it stood waiting for me, I thought to myself, “These people [librarians] handle gold.” I also said a mental “thank you” to the women and man that spent nearly an hour helping me find this book across two boroughs–and to the person whose idea it was to start a library in the first place. Thank God for libraries, and for librarians.


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