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Random House Adds Three New Digital-Only Imprints

Random House expands with three new digital-only imprints: Flirt, Alibi, and Hydra

Flirt, Alibi, and Hydra: Random House’s new digital-only imprints

Just a month after Random House announced its merger with Penguin, Random House expands its digital business with three new imprints for digital readers. According to Publishers Weekly, the new imprints Alibi, Flirt, and Hydra will publish mystery, YA, and science-fiction titles respectively. The publisher also plans to fortify its digital-only romance imprint Loveswept. Gina Wachtel, Vice-President and Associate Publisher who will oversee the editorial teams responsible for the digital imprints, suggested that new authors might “find their first home” in these new ebook lines.  Wachtel told PW,”This dedicated team understands both the content and medium, and can effectively break out authors in the digital space.”

9 responses to “Random House Adds Three New Digital-Only Imprints

  1. Even though I’m doing well on my own, esp. in the ebook arena, I’m tempted to submit my novel to them … just to see what happens … I feel like it couldn’t hurt.

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